Remodeling Your Home for 21st Century Living

Did you recently purchase a mid-century home or have lived in it for a decade or more? it may be time for some remodeling jobs. Arrowhead Construction Company is a local, highly experienced contractor ready to tackle all of your desired upgrades. From refreshing the floor plan to demolishing the kitchen and starting from scratch, we can help to make it happen. Older homes often have solid bones and simply need a qualified contractor to come and make it function for your modern lifestyle.

Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades to Dazzle

Are you dreaming of knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining area? We love tackling kitchen and bathroom renovations. Install the island you have always wanted. Replace the tub in your master suite with a walk-in shower. Kick out the old vinyl flooring and opt for tile. We can work with your existing design or switch things around to improve workflow and function. There is no reason to keep living in a space created for your grandparents' generation.

Flooring, Cabinetry, and More

There is more than removing walls when tackling your kitchen makeover. We specialize in custom cabinets, source beautiful hardwood floors, and work with your plumber and electrician to give it the lighting and plumbing design you need. When we are done, your home will truly be your personal oasis. You make all the choices from granite counters to a new french door onto your deck.

Arrowhead Construction Company looks forward to tackling your renovation or restoration project. Contact us at our office or click on our web form to set up your on-site consultation for a quote today.